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The Process - Unique and Valuable Domains
The Process


Our pricing is based on our own analysis of the domain’s value.  It’s a combination of demand combined with our assessment of the earning potential of said domain.  To be clear, we are not setting domain prices at the level we assess as the domain’s earning potential.  We set these prices at a point that seems fair given that we forego all future development expenses and risk AND walk away from all future earning potential.  Even after this analysis, we stand back and look at the entire inventory and evaluate any single domain price for consistency and realism when compared to the rest.

As a result, we are very comfortable with our pricing.  Having said that…. website/domain valuation is far from an exact science. We understand that our notion of a domain or site’s value might not be yours and we ARE motivated sellers. Please rest assured that we are happy to consider any reasonable offer.  And THAT brings us to step 1 in the process.

The Buy Now button is setup to process the sale through PayPal at the listed price.  If you are comfortable with our price and/or worried that someone else will purchase the domain before you do the right solution is to “Buy Now”.

Make an Offer

If you would prefer, however, to make an offer please feel free to do so.  We will generally reply within hours although it is not inconceivable that it might take a day or so.  Please recognize that we will not HOLD the domain because you have made an offer.  Should some other shopper opt to “Buy Now” we Will sell the domain to them.  No deal is final until the purchase has been made through PayPal.

We, of course, reserve the right to counter your offer and the resultant negotiation could take a while.

There is one situation in which we will consider the deal final prior to a purchase being completed.  That scenario is one in which you contact us with a full price offer and indicate a desire to use escrow in the transfer process.  At that point we will delist the domain and begin the transfer process using escrow.  We will discuss escrow further in a moment.

Transferring the domain

Once a purchase has been made (or you indicate a desire to purchase using escrow) we will initiate the transfer process.

A domain name transfer is the process of changing the designated registrar of a domain name. ICANN has defined a Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars.  This process can be very simple and fast or somewhat complicated and might take as long as a week or so.  

First let’s discuss the simple and fast version.  Most of our domains are registered with a GoDaddy reseller.  If you already have a GoDaddy account OR are willing to create one, we will “push” the domain to your account.  At that point the domain is in your hands to do with as you wish.  If we all happen to be sitting at our desks reading an email at the time of the purchase….  this process might take less than an hour.

The second alternative involves a standard domain transfer between registrars…. ours and yours.  

1. After the purchase has been verified we will contact you and request a) The name of your registrar, b) the email account associated with your account at your registrar, and c) Your customer number or username at your registrar.     

2. We will unlock the domain and provide you with an authorization number or EPP Transfer Code.  

3. You will use the domain name and authorization code to electronically initiate the transfer.  Your registrar has established processes for this and will be happy to assist you should you need help. They do this ALL the time.

4. From there the process is somewhat automated with both of us acknowledging and approving (clicking on links in emails from our registrars) the various steps along the way until the domain transfer to your account has been finalized.  Once in your account, the domain is in your hands to do with as you wish.

This process could take as long as four of five days but  has happened faster.  After transfer, the domain cannot be transferred again for 60 days, except back to the previous registrar.

The third, slower and more complex process involves using escrow.  The decision to use escrow will typically be yours, although we DO reserve the right to require it.  If you opt for escrow, you are responsible for paying for it.  If we decide to use escrow, we will pay for it.  We recommend using Escrow.com.  There are other services and we will not generally object to using another.  In most cases… if we opted not to use your preferred escrow service (it has never happened yet) we would pay the escrow fees.

The escrow base transfer process is much the same as method two above accept that the step by step process is established and controlled by the escrow service.  Once again…. this is something that they do every day several times a day.  The process is straightforward and reliable.

A final note is in order.

It is unwise to attempt to transfer a domain immediately before it expires. In some cases, a transfer can take up to 14 days, meaning that the transfer may not complete before the registration expires. This could result in loss of the domain name registration and failure of the transfer. To avoid this, we will either transfer well before the expiration date, or renew the registration before attempting the transfer.  In almost all cases, we will fund the registration renewal to insure proper transfer of your new domain.