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Asking Price : $ 385

Creation Date : 08-mar-2012

Thanks so much for your interest in this BRANDABLE & PREMIUM  domain. is well aged and should appeal to anyone interested in developing a web property in the nautical, cigar or other smoking related niches. 

Cigar smokers are loyal customers and typically represent a more affluent segment of the market.  They are socially and politically active as well as incredibly”net-savy”.  This makes them the perfect audience for websites in this niche. 

If you aren’t into cigars…. don’t overlook the nautical aspects of this domain.  “The Smoking Lamp is Lit” is a nautical term that originated in 1600’s and was intended to let sailors know that it was okay to smoke at that time and place.  A lit smoking lamp provided an opportunity for sailors to stand around sharing ideas, gossiping or bitching (one of a sailor’s favorite pastime).

Successful monetization could be easily addressed through a directory, micro niche topic or authority site that leverages direct sales, affiliate marketing or advertising sales.    If you are: 1) a cigar smoker, 2) manufacturer 3) distributor, 4) retailer or 5) maybe just a speculator that recognizes just how much the cigar market is growing to grow…..  this deal is for you!  Maybe you are thinking about an “edgy” gossip or news site.  Either way…. this domain is perfect!

Don’t let this opportunity get by you!

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