About Us

BuyMyDotComs.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Business Consulting (IBC), located in St. Mary’s County Maryland. 

We are generally not domain speculators. In most cases, the domains in the BuyMyDotComs.com inventory were registered with the intent to further develop them rather than for speculation.  Some are fully established websites, others are in-work and still others have yet to see any development at all.  They have been listed for sale here at BuyMyDotComs.com as a means to provide an alternate revenue stream and/or to re-monetize delayed development efforts. 

As a result, these domains are priced with their revenue potential in mind.

In all cases (speculation or not) IBC focuses on domain names that have Development Potential.  Here at IBC, our working description of a domain with Development Potential is one that:

  •     Has a reasonable length for its intended purpose
  •     Includes relevant and popular keywords
  •     Avoids spelling and punctuation traps
  •     Makes minimal and sensible use of hyphens
  •     Scrupulously avoids trademark issues

The domains listed for sale here at BuyMyDotComs.com meet all those tests.   We are happy to offer them to you for sale.


Integrated BusiMary Grableness Consulting is a small woman owned business.  Mary is the Chief Executive Officer and day-to-day “brains” behind IBC.  She has owned and operated her own home based business since the late 1980’s and has clients in both the public and private sectors. Mary has extensive experience in direct retail sales and network marketing as well as online auction sales and business development. Chris Grable

Chris is the Chief Technology Officer and Marketing Director here at IBC.  Like Mary, Chris has worked in both the public and private sectors.  An accomplished coach and trainer, he is also an Adjunct Professor in the Business Department of the College of Southern Maryland. Chris specializes in entrepreneurism and business innovation. 

Together, the Grables operate one of the most dynamic and effective small business coaching and consulting firms in the region.  IBC should be your provider of choice for internet and affiliate marketing, lead generation as well as small business process improvement, coaching, training and consultation.